Work Package Planning

RPH Construction Services, Ltd.

Project Management Services for the EPC Industry

RPH Construction Services, Ltd. place a significant amount of emphasis on organizing the scope of work.  This begins with the establishment of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) during the FEP phase or Proposal Phase - which ever phase you begin with.

We use the same WBS on all process projects.  By doing this, we build in work package planning beginning with the FEP phase as the scope is defined for CAPEX approval. 

Because we have written processes and manage the scope of work from concept through commissioning, we do not need to implement an separate, elaborate work package planning program requiring a multitude of dedicated personnel.  It is already built into all our Project Execution and applicable Project Management processes.

At RPH Construction, Work Package Planning (WPP) is a simple process to verify all information and resources are available prior to adding the work to the Look Ahead Schedule.

The WPP process is a series of steps timed to be completed by a designated number of days before the Planned Start (PS) of the work.

Each WBS account is assigned a Work Package ID.  The Work Packages are then tracked in a system that benchmarks the actual completion dates of the WPP steps against the required dates.  Overdue items are highlighted in yellow or red providing “Heat Map”  readiness information to managers.  A similar dashboard provides quantitative readiness status.